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National Ebola Response Centre CEO

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 05 Aug 2015

Welcome to today’s press conference. As usual I will give you a quick update on the EVD infrastructure followed by a short statement and you can ask questions at the end.

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 29 July 2015

Welcome to this press conference. In today’s statement we will start by updating you on the improvements to our EVD infrastructure, followed by the details of the new case in Tonkolili and I will finish with a positive development and good news story for Sierra Leonein the fight against EVD.

I would like to introduce Maj Henry Bangura from 34 Mil Hospital and Mr Wurrie Barrie from the SL Association of Ebola Survivors, who are here to support me today. But more about them later.

After this my guests and I will take questions.

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 22 July 15

Welcome to this press conference and a special welcome for all our Muslims brothers and sisters who have now finished Ramadan. I know the restrictions in the Chiefdoms of Port Loko and Kambia will have made this a difficult time for Muslims in those areas and I would like to thank them all for their understanding. I will make a short statement and take questions at the end.

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 15 July 2015

Welcome everyone to the press conference of Epidemiology, or Epi, week 29. I will make a short statement and then you will as usual have the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 08 July 2015

Welcome to this week’s press conference. As usual, I will make a short statement followed by a progress report on Operation Northern Push from the Situation Room Director. I will then conclude with my findings from last week and my vision for the way forward on the road to zero. After that there will be the opportunity for you to ask us questions.

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 23 June 2015

Welcome to today’s press conference. I will make a short statement and then Mr. OB Sisay will brief you on the progress of Operation Northern Push, so far. I would like to put ONP into the context of the fight against Ebola that we have been engaged in for over a year now. We can all remember the beginning when we struggled to come to terms with the seriousness of what was happening. . The text books tell us that the last stages of any outbreak of this nature can be difficult and frustrating and I can confirm from personal experience that they are right.

Operation Northern Push – Launch Statement 16 June 2015

Good afternoon and thank you for attending this special press conference at short notice. The Ebola response effort over the last year by the people of Sierra Leone and our international partners has seen some remarkable success. We have come together as a nation and we have fought alongside each other and our friends, to bring this disease under control. Most districts have been free of EVD for some time and as a country, we are now experiencing what is commonly referred to as the “Bumpy Road to zero”. As the situation changes, so must the response.

CEO’s Press Conference Statement 10 June 2015

 Good Afternoon and welcome to this press conference. Let me begin this Press conference by extending my heartfelt gratitude to the Executive and membership of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) for inviting me to this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Kenema. This year’s SLAJ AGM opened the doors wider for all of us to see the reality of how much you folks have contributed towards the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease in this Country. You must all be proud of yourselves for your enormous contributions and I am particularly grateful for the partnership.

CEO's press conference Statement 20 May 2015

Good afternoon all and thank you for attending today’s press conference. Last week, we all came to the realization of how the road to zero could get bumpy when people continue to do the wrong things. We were making progress, had recorded 2 cases the previous week, gone for 8 consecutive days without a case and then came Saidu Conteh; a contact that was being sought by our investigation team. The friends and family members of Saidu Conteh did not yield to our call on the public to call 117 to report the sick and the dead in their households and communities.

CEO's Press Conference Statement 13 May 2015

 Good afternoon all and thank you for attending today’s press conference. Last week, Sierra Leone recorded 2 new confirmed cases nationwide. That is the lowest number of confirmed cases recorded since the outbreak began in May 2014. This new low shows that we have continued to make steady progress in getting to and staying at zero. What is even more encouraging is the fact that we have gone 7 consecutive days without recording a single case. We must cautiously tap ourselves on the back, but with more determination to reach 42 WHO standard target.


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